An enquiry for Logistic Transportation in Winsford

logistic transportation in WinsfordFor businesses with an enquiry for logistic transportation in Winsford, M&K Green is your reliable, efficient and cost effective haulage service provider. M&K Green provides an impressive range of well maintained vehicles, among which are Hiab, long wheel base, rigid flats and Tautliner for hire to transport a wide range of products and goods, no matter the size or destination. The trucks are available for hire on a daily basis nationwide and for short haul and long haul trucking solutions.

In Winsford logistic transportation enquiries often come from courier companies. Courier service companies favour the versatility of using the flatbed truck for easy and convenient moving of heavy and large equipment such as heavy industrial machinery. Flatbed trucks are quite suitable as well for carrying durable goods that require quick and easy unloading and that have no need for protection from the elements during the duration of transporting from point of origin to delivery destination. The design of the flatbed is unique and allows for unloading from the sides as well as the rear. These versatile heavy duty trucks are built to take care of demanding hauling jobs. The unique features of this commercial truck are especially designed for hauling. The most significant feature is that they come equipped with a completely flat, horizontal bed body with no sides or roof. This design allows the flatbed to support goods of any size or shape. Another preferred use of the flatbed truck is for towing services as it is more than capable of hauling smaller cars. The truck sports a diesel engine that is so powerful that it can produce the torque needed to carry a small sized car.

For customers seeking an enquiry for logistic transportation in Winsford, M&K Green can provide tailor made hauling solutions to suit specific individual business needs. Our value added services, facilities and a fleet of trucks that is well maintained uphold our commitment to offering a great professional service that addresses our clients’ logistical needs. With more than 25 years of transporting goods across the country, let M&K Green be a part of your logistical solution. Find out more on our website.

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