Logistics Hire in Deeside

logistics hire in DeesideMany business rely on logistics hire in Deeside as they cannot afford their own trucks. M & K Green Transport has been in business for 25 years and that is an indication of their reliability. Safely transporting goods from one location to another on schedule at a fair price is the description of service that businesses are looking for. M & K Green gives them that and more. There is great flexibility within their transport company so customers get individualized service that will help keep their business profitable. M & K Green Transport is invested in the success of their customers because their success contributes to M & K Greens own success.

In Deeside, logistics hire at M & K Green Transport is different for each customer. Your business may need daily deliveries from warehouse to distribution centre. You would contract with the logistics company for that daily delivery by a specified time each day. If they miss one delivery, you have idle hands costing you money and merchandise not delivered to your customers on time. Whether you need daily, weekly or occasional logistics hire, you can depend on M & K Green Transport and the reputation they enjoy. Their trucks run nation-wide and on time. All trucks are fitted with GPS tracking so you can know where your delivery is at all times.

M & K Green Transport maintains a diversified fleet for logistics hire in Deeside. Flatbed trucks, panel trucks, and Hiabs are ready to go for small or heavy loads. Their drivers are thoroughly professional and experienced. M & K Green Transport is also ADR accredited to carry dangerous materials. They have an experienced staff on hand to answer any questions you may have about the services they provide. Your business needs a haulage company with a good safety record, professional staff, reliable reputation, and flexibility. M & K Green is that company. They have the extensive fleet of vehicles, the fair prices, and the customer care you are looking for to help move your company forward. The best place for your company is allied with successful support companies. For information on logistics hire, contact M & K Green Transport.

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