Logistics Hire in Leeds

Logistics Hire in LeedsLogistics hire in Leeds can save you money and will improve the delivery times of your goods. Our vehicles are well maintained and we continually up date our fleet so that our customers are ensured of our trucks and drivers meeting your deadline. We have a range of different vehicles ranging from Hiabs to long wheeled base trailers and flat bed trailers, amongst others. We can cater for any load whether on pallets or loose. Our drivers are all very competent with years of training and practical experience. Our fleet of trucks all have a GPS installed so that we can keep track of the delivery. We can tell you where your load is at any time.

You need the transportation of your goods to be timeous and the items to arrive in perfect condition. In Leeds, logistics hire is easy with our team. We handle a wide variety of different loads. We are ADR accredited to carry dangerous goods and chemicals. Our trucks will carry goods long distance or for local delivery. We also offer daily, monthly or ad hoc hire. We are proud to be able to offer whatever solution you need for your unique business requirements. Every customer is special to us even if you only use us once in a while. We also have smaller vehicles which are suitable for lighter loads or short distances. We understand that time is money and your delivery is what keeps your company healthy.

Logistics hire in Leeds is cheaper than purchasing your own vehicles. You may need a delivery or collection once a week and we can arrange for this at a very reasonable price. Contact M & K Green Transport today and discuss your logistics problems with us. We have over 25 years of experience in the transport business and can organise all your collection and deliveries to run smoothly. In an emergency when you run out of certain components or where you have an unexpected delivery to make, we can supply the right vehicle immediately.

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